Safety Training & Workshops

One of the most valuable strategies to for managing risk is to provide appropriate training and education for all the people working in your organization. The human element is always one of the areas of greatest exposure to risk, and so it makes sense to give them the skills and knowledge to protect themselves, those around them and ultimately the company.

The Squadron has developed a number of courses designed to provide practical experience to the attendees in the relevant discipline. We believe that people learn best when they get to interact and actually experience the process and results of the subject they are learning.

We also have the capacity to tailor our training courses to your specific needs, which will give an even level of learning for you team.

Operational Risk Management (ORM)

ORM is often viewed as a just a preflight task such as when aircrews conduct Flight Risk Assessments. Our program demonstrates how ORM activities have to go well beyond the end of the individual mission in order to maximize its impact as a management system.

Applied Safety Management

Our highly experienced team will teach your organization how to bring an SMS to life, helping them to understand not only what needs to be done, but also how and why it will bring positive results to the flight operations.

We use your own SMS as the basis for the course, as that is what your people will have to use. That means that we use your forms and documentary processes, and all of your team will get experience in working with them too.

A successful SMS depends on the full engagement of everyone in the organization, at every level. People will only feel engaged if they have become part of the development process, understand the value of the SMS, know how to use the tools that are included, and see that everyone else is just as committed as they are. The Squadron Applied Safety Management training is the ideal course to bring to your team to achieve this.

Helicopter Crew Resource Management (H-CRM)

Helicopter Crew Resource Management (H-CRM), taught by Helicopter Flyers for Helicopter Flyers. Our H-CRM is specifically tailored to the unique and challenging world of helicopter operations, and our instructors have over 50 years combined experience teaching CRM to helicopter crews.

We have built our H-CRM program to meet the needs of today’s helicopter crews and operators. We have deliberately formulated our training to align with FAA Advisory Circular 120-51E Crew Resource Management Training, and meet the performance criteria of Part 135 and Part 91.1073. Our course is an engaging, participatory curriculum that is applicable to single pilot and multi-crew ops. i.e. link training objectives with relevant helicopter scenarios to facilitate engaging discussion, solidify comprehension and achieve long term learning.