Safety Audits & Assessments

The Squadron conducts audits and Operational Safety Assessments (OSA) to provide detailed information on the current state of the operator’s safety policies, documented procedures and actual performance.

The findings contained in our reports provide valuable information for all parties to give a true picture of how the operator is performing. It is from these findings that needed changes can be highlighted and plans can be made to further improve on the way the operator conduct their flights.

While having an OSA conducted at anytime will always be of benefit, it is particularly valuable as part of your change management process. Third party users of aviation services may also require an OSA as part of their contract bidding process or renewal.

An OSA is more than an audit, as it provides feedback on the underlying culture of the organization as well as the objective meeting of set standards. This means that an OSA can only be successfully conducted on operators that are willing to engage fully in the process – which is, in itself, an indicator of the culture in the organization.

Our team approaches every OSA with a “white hat” mentality. We are not there to catch anyone out, as such an approach does not paint a complete picture of how an operator really is, and instead simply places false importance on single issues. That does not mean that The Squadron team is a soft touch, far from it. All our auditors have experience in high-level positions, and have no problem in providing clear feedback on performance and accountability.

Those organizations that have been through an OSA by The Squadron have always had a positive experience, and taken away greater benefit from the issues exposed than they had anticipated.

Who would this be suitable for?

  • All types of air operators
  • The Squadron has particular expertise in SAR operations
  • Companies/organization that contract aircraft for operationally critical services

What is normally involved?

  • Establish particular scope of interest
  • Review of relevant regulatory matters, documented policies and procedures
  • On-site visit by Squadron team of three or four consultants over 4 to 5 days depending on size and type of organization
  • Our team always conduct an in brief and out brief for all members of the organization to ensure transparent communication and understanding
  • While on site the team observe the processes in action, including in flight/on mission observations and maintenance operations if applicable
  • Interviews with a full range of employees are conducted
  • Full report completed, with follow up discussion on findings
  • Recommendations to resolve any weak areas discovered are offered to the operator