iFRAT User Instructions

The following is some general guidance in how to use this before, during and after your flights.

The first thing to take away when using any FRAT is that it should be a facilitation mechanism for making prudent decisions at the appropriate level. The next thing is that it should serve to cage your mindset before you commence flying, whether as a crew or as an individual, as to how much risk you are accepting. The information then serves simply as a baseline for you in flight, so then when things deviate from the plan that baseline hopefully becomes the catalyst for some sound decision making with respect to your new course of action. If it was looking iffy on the ground, and now things are getting worse, perhaps it is time to get on the ground vice pressing on. Finally, the FRAT should be revisited upon completion to capture lessons learned and how well you anticipated the hazards, or perhaps you found some new ones to consider. Here is some guidance whether you are flying airplanes or helicopters: