iFRAT is a powerful Flight Risk Assessment Tool for your iPad, suitable for both helicopter and fixed wing pilots at all levels. It guides the user through a simple and effective process of analysing relevant risk groups for the upcoming flight, with responses recorded on a sliding color scale.

This method of risk assessment is based on Operational Risk Management techniques, which require the Pilot in Command to take a holistic view of that particular flight. By breaking the flight down into five distinct groups, the pilot is able to focus in on each element individually, and then see the overall picture of the flight risk when combined. Keeping the number of groups to just five prevents the iFRAT from becoming overly complex and time-consuming to complete, but provides the opportunity for the pilot to consider every aspect of the flight. Additionally, the sliding color scale adds a visualisation element to the process rather than attempting to assign numbers to the risks.

Watch the “User Guide Video” below to see how it all works.

We have also put together some useful iFRAT User Instructions here.

The iFRAT is available on the iTunes App store – click here.