IS-BAO Service Support & Mentoring

The Squadron is fully certified IS-BAO IS3A, International Standards Service Support Affiliate.

IS-BAO is a proven model for success in aviation safety and risk management, with over 1,500 air departments already registered on the program. While the vast majority of these are fixed wing operators, the rotary wing community has recognized the benefits and its member participation is growing steadily.

The Squadron leverages the depth of its helicopter and safety expertise to integrate the IS-BAO “code of best practices” to the multi-mission demands of the rotary wing environment.

As an IS-BAO I3SA, The Squadron selects our most suitable qualified IS-BAO auditor to mentor your team and help guide their performance to stay on track with meeting the relevant criteria, from Stage One all the way to Stage Three certification.

The most effective process starts with a Squadron mentor conducting an on-site assessment of the operation, so that gaps in policies and procedures may be identified early on. From then on, your mentor will continue to work with you to shape the documentation and processes used by your organization, guiding you to meet the requirements of the IS-BAO certification.

While compliance with IS-BAO is the main priority of this program, your mentor will also help with other aspects of safety management that may lie outside of the IS-BAO scope.

Who is this suitable for?

  • Corporate Fixed & Rotary Wing Operators
  • Private Fixed & Rotary Wing Operators
  • Government Agencies
  • Other Operators seeking a high quality safety program

What is normally involved?

  • A qualified IS-BAO auditor selected as your Squadron Mentor
  • Initial on-site assessment, typically over 2-4 days
  • Gap analysis report written and delivered
  • Continued liaison with your team to develop plan to rectify gaps
  • Mentoring during processes of change as required
  • Pre-audit assessment
  • Attendance during official IS-BAO audit