IS-BAO Audit

The Squadron is an accredited IS-BAO audit organization for both fixed wing and rotary wing operators.

IS-BAO establishes precise protocols and guidelines that are to be followed by all accredited auditors during the audit process. However, not all audits are the same. A well-conducted audit will provide considerable insight into organizational strengths and vulnerabilities. Constructive feedback should articulate performance gaps and help guide continuous improvement efforts to support steady progression through the 3 Stages of IS-BAO certification. There is far more to the auditing process than simply checking boxes.

The Squadron is one of the few IS-BAO auditing firms with significant experience in helicopter operations. We understand how you work and the unique challenges you face, and that makes a difference when it comes to conducting fair and comprehensive audits.

Who would this be suitable for?

  • All corporate and private flight departments
  • Government Agencies

What is normally involved?

  • A lead IS-BAO certified auditor is selected as the liaison
  • Policy and procedural documents are reviewed
  • On-site audit conduct by one or two Squadron auditors over 2 to 3 days
  • Lead auditor will provide immediate feedback on findings
  • Full reports written for Flight Department on findings
  • IS-BAO documentation drafted to apply for certification for successful Flight Departments