Deck Landing Training

Operating a helicopter aboard a moving ship exposes the pilot to a number of hazards that can best be learned through formal training rather than personal trial and error.

The Squadron has flight instructors who are extremely experienced in landing a variety of turbine helicopters onto ships, having logged thousands of landings aboard both military and civilian vessels during day, night and NVG underway operations.

Our training program is specifically tailored to your needs and includes a safety assessment to illuminate your overall operation’s exposure to risks that may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye.

The flight training utilizes a formal ground school presentation, followed by and overland training flight to highlight the techniques and profiles appropriate for your helicopter. A second sortie is then conducted aboard your vessel for the maximum retention of the techniques introduced.

The program complements our Helideck Training Program and our clients are highly encouraged to conduct simultaneous training to ensure the highest degree of standardization and safety is applied to the overall operation.

Who would this be suitable for?

  • Helicopter organizations and Flight Departments conducting landings on yachts
  • Simple add-on for yachts already undergoing Dynamic Helicopter Interfacing Trials (DHIT)

What is normally involved?

  • Lead instructor selected to liaise with client
  • Discussion to understand type of operations conducted, and review aircraft and yacht helideck to be used
  • On-site instruction over 3 days
  • Instruction includes ground school, overland flights to practice techniques and flight exercises to yacht
  • Clients must provide the helicopter and yacht for the training
  • Helideck team on yacht must have proven training in helideck operations acceptable to our standards, such as The Squadron Helideck Training program or other current commercially recognized qualifications