The Squadron has a great depth of experience in maritime helicopter operations and has assisted some of the most prestigious yachts currently afloat to operate safely. We consult on all elements that go into having a helicopter on your yacht, from the design of the helideck and facilities through to establishing operating procedures for the helideck team and the aircrew.
The Republic of the Marshall Islands recognizes The Squadron as an aviation inspection body (AIB), and accepts certificates of compliance issued by us for commercial certification of yacht helidecks. As the spotlight of the yachting industry starts to focus more attention on helidecks, achieving this commercial certification is becoming a key consideration for the large yacht owners.
While regulatory compliance will always be a primary driver for the management of the yacht and helicopter operation, we encourage our clients to give serious consideration to other elective risk management services. These services include deck landing training for the pilots, as well as conducting structured air trials as part of the change management process.