Our Ethos

We believe no one wants or plans to fail, and so they should not be treated as if they do. We believe that in general people want to succeed and do things properly, but there are obstacles in their way, whether they know it or not. We also know that it is the underlying culture and sub-cultures of an organization that truly lead to their success or failure.

These beliefs shape our ethos to aviation risk management. We can’t capture it all on a website, but here are some prominent features:

  • we seek to provide practical advice and answers, not just theory repackaged again
  • change is not overnight, so while there is a long term plan we use realistic goals
  • every organization is different, so we need to fit to your needs not the other way around
  • we seek to advance, not just find fault
  • we wear a white hat, not a black hat

All of our team are highly experienced, and thoroughly enjoy the work that they do as The Squadron, something that we are lucky to have. Their attitude and enthusiasm has opened discussions and created learning points for our clients that are rarely seen. However, we treat aviation as a professional discipline, and we expect those we work with to have the same approach.