The name “The Squadron” has some clear military connotations, and so it should be no surprise that it was a couple of ex-Navy pilots (one British and one American) that founded the company in 2008. The concept was to form a consortium of aircrew, engineers and support staff that could be placed on short and medium term contracts with operators that needed their specialist knowledge. Before the name was decided on, the idea of company was always described as being a “squadron type of set-up, with only people we want to work with”, and so it was a natural progression. The consortium continues to grow, and the ideal of only including those that “we want to work with” is still in place.

As The Squadron started to grow, it was clear that an area of interest and experience that all the team had was in aviation, with the majority of the team having had formal training in the various military schools, and going on to hold safety related jobs. It was also evident that this was a significant area of interest for our clients, who found the operational experience of our team to be a huge plus. What separated The Squadron from many other “safety” providers was that our team had practical experience and had really been put to the test. With many of our team having a helicopter background, we also found that we could offer more to the rotary operators, who face different challenges to fixed wing operators.

With this in mind, The Squadron began to concentrate on aviation risk management as the core of the services to be offered. Risk management is a better description than safety management, as that is what aviation is really about – managing risks.

Today, The Squadron has a number of services that are appealing to both the air operator, and to those that use aviation services (form Ultra High Net Worth individuals, to oil companies). The team performs a mix of audits (and operational assessments), safety related training, operational training and consulting on operation aspects (from procurement to development of procedures and operations).

The insistence to “work with people we want to work with” still holds true, with the growth of the team only coming from personal recommendations from other team members (there is a limit of two recommendations each, so everyone is very careful on who they select). The result is a great team, with some fantastic credentials. Everyone at The Squadron is passionate about what they do, and passionate about making aviation better.

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We are often asked about our logo, designed by the talented Monserrat Valera, who captured very well who we are and how we wanted to be represented. The distinctive “chevrons” are reminiscent of the stripes seen on many military uniforms, and the central X of the design shows the deep experience in rotary operations. The key aspect is the single colored chevron, representing how our people integrate with our clients’ operations and complete the picture. Thanks Monse.