About Us

The Squadron was founded on the idea of creating a consortium of former military aviators and offering their expertise to the aviation industry as a whole. We do not look for the “average Joe” pilot, but instead have sought only those that have excelled in their chosen field, be that as a specialist operator, instructor, safety officer or maintainer. Our team of professionals is those select few that can truly say and demonstrate that they are “bullet-proof” in their areas of expertise. As a result, our group forms a powerful resource of safety specialists, operators, instructors, maintainers and procurement specialists.

We deploy our people in two ways: the first is to deliver a straightforward service, be that an audit or a specific training program. The second is as a project consultant, where our client has a more complex issue to be resolved. On longer, more extensive projects we can provide a mix of the two approaches.

One of the great advantages of using The Squadron is that we have adopted the practice of peer review. This translates into our clients benefitting from a synergistic team approach, and an even greater pool of knowledge and experience than what a single consultant can bring to the project. We believe in challenging ideas that are presented, mitigating any gaps identified and ultimately achieving the optimal solution.